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Carehub Global Services (NZ) is focused at ensuring that healthcare service providers have access to qualified and skilled professionals who can deliver high-quality care.

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Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay and Otago regions


can help you with

Permanent staffing

End to end service helping clients find the right candidate to join their team. We deliver new staff to your facility who is prepped and know the NZ healthcare and culture.

Emergency staffing

Our own pool of Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants are ready to fill in gaps in facility rosters in a short notice. We find ways to help facilities needing emergency staff.

Temporary staffing

Block and advance booking for Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. We fill in the gaps in rosters when any of the permanent staff goes on a holiday.

Home care or in-patient staffing

We provide high quality and personalised home care support services for people of all ages. Whether you live in your own home, a retirement village or a rest home.

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