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We at Workhub Services are here to connect you the job seeker to opportunities. We know how challenging it can be to find and apply for jobs that align well with you, and to collate and submit strong applications. We make it our job to consult with you along the way because we know there is a lot to consider as you seek to enhance or develop your career. We are here to help you to navigate the recruitment process with more ease. 

Workhub team and workers

Don't have a CV or do you need to update?

Here is a template you can download and fill out.

Didn't find a role that matches your experience?

Fill out the job application form, so we have your details in case if the perfect job for you arises.

Excellent experience with Workhub. I applied through many other recruitment agencies bound to Canada, Australia and Poland before I sent my application to Workhub. I was submitting my legal requirements simultaneously to these agencies but in the end, Workhub has the fastest service and the next thing I knew, I was already on a plane bound to New Zealand. Myles treats her clients are like her own son and daughter. She made sure that we have a good employer, safe and practicing our rights while in the company.

Ron Lim

HUB Group

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